Clothing Closeouts

New Sneaker Closeouts
We have new past season athletic footwear for Men and Women. The brands consist of Nike, Reebok, Fubu, New balance, Adidas, Puma, Avirex, Ryka, Etonic, Easton and other major brands. There won't be any private label shoes in the mix. The shoes tend to have a average age of 12 months. No sandals. We can adjust size of your mix, if your market demands it.
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Pricing ladder

500 pairs (2 pallets) - $25.95 per pair. Minimum order
1,000 Pairs - $22.95 per pair
2,000 Pairs - $19.95 per pair
4,000 pairs (20’ container) - $17.95 per pair
8,000 Pairs (40’ container) - $14.95 per pair


Men's or Women's clothing your choice! This lot will include private labels as well as top designer labels such as Calvin klien, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren. Minimum 1000 units

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